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Untitled Story - Wishful Thinking [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Untitled Story [Nov. 1st, 2008|05:11 pm]
Brooke Davis and Nathan Scott: Wishful Thinking



Although I love OTH I decided I wanted to take the characters of the show and play with them. Changing most things about OTH. This doesn't have any set couples but It will probably end up being mostly Brathan. I cant help it. I love them.

Rating: PG-13 (R to be safe)

Summary: Brooke Davis is the It girl. She has everything going for her. Or she appears to. When she leave for a trip things change in her home town of Tree Hill. How will they effect her? Whats really going on in Tree Hill?

The plane bumped slightly as it landed. Brooke Davis jerked awake and tiredly rubbed at her eyes. She had been asleep for 3 hours, she noticed as she checked her watch. She had been in France for a three weeks to go to Fashion Week in Paris. Her parents couldn’t have cared less where she was so she went because she wanted to. Now she was trying to hurry back so she could make the first game of the season, she has duties as the head cheerleader and the star players girlfriend. Everyone stood up and started to file off the plane. Brooke smiled as the guy who had been sitting next to her, handed her the carryon she brought and then let her walk in front of him.


“Thank you Gorgeous.” She winked at him and walked off the plane. She was led down a long hall and into the airport. She knew no one was coming to get her so she would get her bags and go find a cab to take her to her house so she could change and get to the Tree Hill High Gym before the game was over.


She walked quickly to the baggage claim and found her luggage very fast. That was the reason she always flew smaller flights, less time consuming. Her father had taught her that at a very young age and she still followed that lesson. After finding all three bags and making sure she had her purse, she walked outside and tried to find a cab that would take her to Tree Hill. That was the small town she called home. She found one, after some flirting with the cab driver and the next thing she knew, she was on her way to Tree Hill.



Nathan was having a good game. Not amazing by his or his fathers standards but it wasn’t bad either. Especially since his ‘good luck charm’ and girlfriend Brooke Davis was gone. She had been gone for three weeks for some fashion thing. He wasn’t very much into it, and was even less interested when she told him she would be gone for three weeks. He couldn’t even really remember the last time he had talked to her. The time difference had been the biggest problem. They were constantly missing each others phone calls and having what she called answer machine tag.


He couldn’t wait for her to come home. She had told him her flight was for tomorrow and he had been angry. She was missing the first game of the season.  She never missed the first game of the season. He didn’t have much time to dwell on it though because he heard from somewhere in the crowd, his father Dan Scott yelling at him to get his head out of his ass and play the game the right way. He rolled his eyes and tried to focus on the game. He couldn’t stop from glancing at the cheer squad though and noticed how weird it looked to not see Brooke standing there between Peyton and Bevin.

His attention was pulled back into the game when Tim called his name. He turned and saw the ball was being  tossed to him. He caught it and pivoted on his left foot and throwing the ball up and smirking as a swish sound was the response.  He really loved this game.



Boring was the biggest word in her head at this point. Being stuck at a game you could care less about while surrounded by cheerleaders who you couldn’t stand most days was not Peyton Sawyers definition of fun. She couldn’t even remember why she wanted to be a cheerleader tonight. She was staring out at the players watching them throw the ball around and she tried her hardest not to roll her eyes. She saw Nathan and remembered one of the two reasons she even bothered with cheerleading, his girlfriend Brooke was the head cheerleader and also Peyton’s best friend ever since the blonde moved to Tree Hill with her father to get a new start.


Even though her and Brooke were best friends they were nothing alike. Brooke was the peppy brunette who every guy wanted but couldn’t have because despite her semi rocky relationship with Nathan Scott, she was loyal. She would never cheat and anyone with half a brain would never cheat on her. She was a firecracker so to speak.


Peyton was the blonde bitch that most guys were scared of. She didn’t deal with anyone’s bullshit. And she isn’t very loyal. She knows this about herself but also doesn’t care. Brooke is the only person Peyton has ever been loyal to and that probably why they had been able to be so close for so long. Even when Peyton and Nathan had been close she hadn’t been a loyal friend to him.


 A loud buzzing sound broke Peyton out of her thoughts and she looked at the score board to see it was half way through the game. Normally the Tree Hill cheer squad did a big show for the first game but since their captain had been gone for so long, they hadn’t had time to make one or rehearse it.  Peyton couldn’t resist rolling her eyes when she saw the other teams cheer squad go up onto the middle of the court. They were all way too chubby for their uniforms, which were way too tight and they had the coordination of donkey’s tap dancing. Even Peyton thought they looked ridiculous and she didn’t pay much attention to other team’s quality. Brooke would have loved to be here.



Lucas Scott, Bastard. Words that he had heard a million times in his life, but he was determined not to let them get to him. They all seemed to flood back into his head though as he quietly walked into the gym. He saw cheerleaders on the court and knew he had come in time to see the last half of the game. But the question was why he was here? He had never been to a game before so why start now? There were a couple different reasons.


He was tired of running from what he was. Dan Scott’s son. He didn’t like it and he would have traded with anyone any day but he also knew he couldn’t hide from it anymore. He was tired of pretending he wasn’t a normal Tree Hill kid. The other reason was Brooke Davis. She was his little brothers girlfriend but he couldn’t help but like her. Every guy did, it wasn’t like it could be held against him. Brooke had been his biology partner last year. She had been so different then everyone said. They all said she was the heartless bitch of the school but Lucas never understood why they would think that.


She was amazing. Sure she didn’t understand Bio to save her life but she was funny, pretty, caring, she seemed like the perfect girl and ever since they had been paired together he had a big crush on her.  He glanced over at the cheer squad but wasn’t surprised she wasn’t there. He had been told she left the country for a little while and even though he knew it was crazy he couldn’t wait for her to come back. He glanced back at the squad and couldn’t help but stare at the blonde he knew as Brooke’s best friend. She was gorgeous, possibly even more beautiful than Brooke. He couldn’t pull his eyes away.



Brooke pulled her bags out of the trunk of the cab with the help of the driver. Once all her bags were out and on the driveway, she pulled out her wallet and handed the guy a fifty for the ride and a twenty for a tip.  He looked down at the bills with shock and she smiled.


“Keep the change.” She pulled out the handle for her largest bag and started rolling it up the driveway. When she got to the door, she unlocked it and let herself in. She hadn’t been home in almost a month but it was still very clean thanks to the house cleaners her mother hired.


She didn’t bother turning on any lights, she knew where her room was. She followed the long hall and when she got to the end of it, she opened the door and flipped the light switch. A soft glow filled the room and she smiled seeing her room exactly how she had left it. She had loved Paris but it wasn’t her home. She didn’t think she could possibly ever live there full time because it just wasn’t hers.  After tossing her bags on the bed, she went to her closet and pulled out her cheer uniform. She hung it on the back of her desk chair and went to her bathroom. Before closing the door, she glanced at the clock and noticed she was running out of time.


She closed the bathroom door and peeled off her clothes. She really needed a quick shower. She turned on the water to warm and wrapped her hair in a towel. She wouldn’t have time to wash it if she wanted to get there before the game was over. Once the water was at the perfect temperature, she jumped into the shower and let the warm water massage her sore muscles. The plane ride had been really long and very boring. She grabbed the bar of soap and started rubbing it all over herself and letting it clean her off. After she washed off all the soap she then grabbed her vanilla shower crème and lathered it all over her arms, legs and stomach.  She rinsed that off too after a minute and then turned off the water. She knew she had to be fast. She reached out of the shower and grabbed her other towel and wrapped it around her body to dry off.


Climbing out of the shower, she opened the bathroom door and let the cold air hit her warm, wet legs. She hurried to her dresser and grabbed her favorite black lace thong and bra set. She took of the towel and threw them on quickly. She then grabbed her cheer uniform off the back of her chair and slipped it on over her under garments. She took the towel off her head now and used it to finish drying her face. She went over to her bags and pulled out the bag that had her make up. She opened the bag and pulled out her make up case and carried it to the bathroom with her.


She set it on the bathroom counter and pulled out all the make up she would need and quickly put it all on. She then pulled out a case of blue makeup and started applying it to her cheek for her trademark R on her cheek. Once she was sure it looked perfect, she ran her brush quickly through her hair, and pulled a section of it back into a black clip. Once she was satisfied, she walked back into her bedroom and pulled out a pair of socks quickly slipping them on. She then grabbed her tennis shoes she used only for cheer things; she put them on too and tied them tight on her feet before grabbing her cheer bag that had her pom-poms and getting out of the house and to her car.



He just scored again. But no matter how many times he scored he couldn’t seem to get his fathers approval. He knew if Brooke was there she would be cheering her ass off for him though and that gave him some comfort. At least she cared. He knew that he wasn’t the best boyfriend to her but he had been trying. Then she had left and they rarely talked while she was gone. There were a lot of times he would think she had found some French dude that treated her better than he did and those thoughts had killed him. He loved Brooke she had been his for years and just the thought of loosing her drove him crazy. He knew he got out of hand sometimes but she didn’t seem to care usually. She just dealt with him and ignored the attitude. He loved that about her.


He turned around and saw none other than his older brother Lucas Scott standing by the entrance watching the game. He rolled his eyes. He didn’t see why the guy bothered. Couldn’t he tell Dan didn’t want him? Was he a glutton for punishment or something? He couldn’t help but wonder.


The ball was passed to him again and two guys from the other team surrounded him. He tossed the ball up in a fake shot and it went straight to Jake Jagelski. He knew Dan would give him shit for that move later but he didn’t care, he had to get the ball to his team before the other team could have stolen it. But he knew Dan wouldn’t care about that. He never did.



She felt eyes on her. She turned to where she thought they were and saw Lucas Scott. She turned away from him and rolled her eyes. She wasn’t about to acknowledge him.  She didn’t stress about being popular but she didn’t want to be seen with Dan Scott’s reject either. She turned back to the game but still felt eyes on her. She was about to turn and tell him to get a life when she saw the gym doors open and in came the one and only Brooke Davis. She had a huge smile on her face as she practically ran  to Peyton and pulled her into a tight side hug. Peyton smiled her first smile probably all week and leaned into Brooke. She really had missed her best friend.



He still couldn’t take his eyes off of Peyton. He saw her look at him and roll her eyes and knew that couldn’t be a good sign. He rolled his eyes back not surprised she was ignoring him. He looked back at the game and saw Nathan look at him. He knew it wasn’t a good idea to come to the game. He turned and was about to leave when Brooke Davis came into the room. His heart stopped for a second and he watched as she walked right past him and to Peyton pulling her in a hug. He smiled a little but still decided it was time for him to go. He had to go meet his friends at the rivercourt anyways. He walked out the doors and didn’t look back until he was in the parking lot in his car. With a sigh he started the car and drove away.



“Nathan!” a nine year old Brooke yelled. “Nathan!” they were playing hide and go seek but she was tired of looking. She had looked everywhere for her best friend but she couldn’t find him. She was running around the park now screaming his name hoping he would come out eventually. She was so busy looking she didn’t see a little blonde girl running around too. They bumped into each other, both of them being knocked to the ground.


“Hey watch it!” Peyton yelled. She had just moved to Tree Hill and she didn’t have any friends but she didn’t like being run over either. Brooke got off the ground and put her hands on her hips.


“Excuse you.” She said angrily. She was the leader of the playground and everyone knew not to mess with her. She turned when she heard Nathan call her name. He ran over to them.


“Brooke are you ok?” he asked grabbing her hand and pulling her away from Peyton and making sure she was ok.


“I’m fine.” Brooke said crossing her arms. She didn’t like being treated like a baby. She looked at the girl who ran her over. “Wait… I don’t know you. Who are you?” she asked raising an eyebrow.


“Peyton” she answered simply. She shrugged and looked at the two Brunette’s. She decided in that moment she didn’t like the boy.


“Well I’m Brooke and this is Nathan.” She said pointing to the boy she didn’t like. “You can hang with us because your new and we need another person to play.” She grabbed Peyton’s hand. “Nathan your it.” She yelled as she started running to hide, taking Peyton with her. Little did any of them know they would be friends for years to come.



Brooke had missed Peyton. She knew it but hadn’t realized how badly until she had seen her best friend looking so lonely. She gave her a tight hug before the squad all ran over to hug her. Once she was sure she had hugged all the girls, she turned to the game to see who was winning. She wasn’t surprised when she saw the Raven’s were. She looked around the court searching for number twenty three. When she finally saw him, she smiled and watched him play. She had almost forgotten how happy he looked when he was playing basketball. She sometimes found herself wondering if she ever made him that happy. She wanted too but she just wasn’t sure she did. There were times when all she thought he cared about was basketball.


Things hadn’t always been this way. She missed the old days. The final buzzer rang and she turned her eyes to the board as the ball sank in one last time. Everyone screamed happily and the cheerleaders all ran to the basketball players. All but Brooke, she instead had another plan and she walked out to the parking lot looking for his car. She found it and smiled pulling her spare key out of her cheer bag and climbed into the back, tossing her bag in the trunk.



He had won. He almost couldn’t believe it. He won all the time but this time felt a lot different. This was going to be his year he could feel it already. After getting a slap on the back from what felt like everyone in the gym, he walked over to Dan. Dan just rolled his eyes and walked away. Nathan sighed tiredly. He didn’t even know why he bothered hoping his dad would be proud of him just once. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and left the Gym. His was one of the only cars left in the parking lot. He pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. He opened it and tossed his Gym bag in the back seat. He thought he heard a grunt but was sure he was just hearing things because he was so tired. He got in the car, slipped the key in the ignition and waited for the purr of the engine. He was about to put the car in drive when he felt arms come around him. He turned quickly and saw none other than his girlfriend.



Brooke smiled seeing the surprise on her boyfriends face. She had wanted to surprise him. She hadn’t been expecting a bag to land on her but if he was really surprised then she figured it was worth it. She leaned forward so their faces were barely apart.


“Hi you.” She said leaning over the back of the seat slightly. She pulled her face back and ran her hands up either side of the seat and to his shoulders.

“Your back.” He said. It wasn’t a question. He actually sounded happy to see her she also noticed. She was really happy to hear it. While she was away her doubts about them as a couple seemed to creep up on her.


“In the flesh.” She said running a finger up and down the side of his neck slowly. She giggled when he reached up behind her, placing his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her closer to him. He placed his lips on hers and neither of them moved for a minute just happy to be close. After a moment or two, she pulled his bottom lip into her mouth. She poured all the emotions she had been through lately into the kiss and he responded happily. When neither of them could breathe they pulled away and she laughed in her deep rough voice.


“I missed you Davis.” He whispered in her ear, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her from the back and onto his lap. She reached behind her and pulled the lever under the seat, pushing the seat backwards so she would have more room on Nathan’s lap.


She smiled and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “I missed you too.” She mumbled into his neck. She kissed her way up to his jaw and then over to his chin, then his lips again. “Although those French guys really were very charming.” She said teasing him. She had a serious look on her face though.


He looked at her surprised. “They better have kept those charming hands to themselves.” He said sliding his hands a little up her skirt. Then he registered she was wearing her cheer uniform. “Aren’t you a little late for the game Davis?” he asked pulling his left hand off her leg and ran it up and down her back slowly.


She rolled her eyes. “I showed up a little after half time.” She said running her hands up and down his arms. “You were looking pretty sexy out there if I do say so myself.” She said winking at him. He laughed a little and pulled Brooke closer.


“You should have called out to me. I could have shown off for you.” He said smirking at her. She smiled and kissed him.


“How about you show off for me next time.” She suggested. She ran her fingers through his hair lazily.


“You’re tired huh?” he asked kissing her head. She nodded. He grabbed her hips and lifted her into the passengers seat. “I’ll take you home.” He said not leaving room for an argument from her.


“What about my car?” she asked looking over at the baby blue convertible bug sitting in a spot not far from the black mustang, they were currently sitting in.


“We can stop and get it tomorrow morning when we wake up.” He said dismissing her worry and pulling out of the parking lot towards Brooke’s house.


“We huh?” she asked smiling and kicking off her shoes. She was really feeling tired all of the sudden. He nodded.


“It’s your first night back, besides we always stay the night together.” She nodded and leaned her head over onto his shoulder. He looked down at her for a moment before turning the radio on a little louder and she smiled missing his music.



The next morning, Brooke was letting herself into the Scott Mansion. Nathan had left early that morning to go running with Dan. Now Brooke was coming over to see Deb and the make Nathan take her to lunch. She had told Peyton she would come over later but Peyton was always in such a bad mood anymore, Brooke was holding it off until last minute. She didn’t bother knocking because she never did. So she just walked into the house. No one in tree hill was stupid enough to try and steal from Dan Scott unless they had a death wish. She closed the large door behind her and looked around to see if anything had changed while she was away. When she saw nothing major had been changed she smiled and headed for the kitchen.


There was no Deb Scott in the kitchen. She looked around and saw a note on the fridge from Dan telling Nathan that Deb had extended her trip. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Deb always extended her trips and with a husband like Dan she didn’t blame her. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do now, she had come early just so she could catch up with the Scott woman. The men of the family probably wouldn’t be home for a while. She went to the fridge and pulled out a diet coke and left the kitchen heading for the stairs.


She climbed up the large staircase and walked down the hall and turned right. She followed down that hall and opened the door that was there. She was now in her boyfriend’s room. She set the can of pop on his desk and jumped up a little to sit on his bed. As she looked around the room she noticed that he had a few new posters around the room of bands she had never heard of. That just told her that Peyton and Nathan had hung out while Brooke was away. She wasn’t really sure how she felt about that. She trusted both of them but something just felt really off. She felt something under her and reached down to pull it from the sheets.


She stopped suddenly when she felt something lace. There was no way she had left one of her bras here this long and it was still in his bed. She pulled it out quickly. A black lace bra. She held it up on one finger and looked at the size on it. Her heart stopped. It wasn’t hers. There was a black lace bra in her boyfriend’s bed and it wasn’t hers. She felt her heart shatter, and she could barely breathe. She dropped the bra quickly and jumped off the bed.  She held a hand to her stomach that was turning into knots. She heard something downstairs and looked out the window to see the Scott men walking up the driveway. She closed her eyes for a minute and prayed the tears wouldn’t fall.


She was suddenly very happy she had decided to walk the block from her house to Nathan’s. She waited until they had both come into the house before she opened the window and as quietly as she could, climb out and closed it behind her. She walked along the roof until she got to the ladder that she always used to see Nathan in the middle of the night. Once both of her feet were on the ground she walked away quickly. She couldn’t deal with this. She felt like she was about to loose it. She grabbed her cell phone and called Peyton.


“Hello?” a short answer came.


“Peyton? It’s me. Listen can I come over? Please I really need my best friend right now.” Her voice cracked and she felt a tear fall. She rubbed it off her face roughly.  She couldn’t let herself cry right now. Not in front of his house. She started walking quickly to Peyton’s.


“Of course Brooke. What’s wrong?” she asked sitting up from her bed. It was obvious from Brooke’s voice; she was in a lot of pain.


Brooke shook her head quickly. “I can’t … not here. I’ll be there in a minute.” She hung up quickly and took a deep breath trying to calm herself down. She felt someone behind her and turned quickly and gasped seeing Lucas.  “God!” she yelled holding her hand to her chest.


Lucas looked at her apologetically. “Sorry .. I didn’t mean to scare you..” he looked down. “You just looked so.. sad.”


She shook her head and laughed bitterly. “Sad doesn’t cover it.” She said quietly.


She looked down at the ground and kicked at it. She heard Nathan’s voice and turned and saw him coming towards her and Lucas. “Look Lucas just mind your own damn business.” She walked away quickly and heard Nathan calling her name but she didn’t respond.  She kept her head away and walked quickly wanting to get as far away from the Scott’s as she could.


Nathan ran down the driveway and stopped in front of Lucas. “What did you do to her?” he asked angrily moving toward Lucas his hands in fists. Lucas took a step back wanting Nathan out of his face.


“I didn’t do anything to her.” He said pointing toward where Brooke had come from. “I was walking and she came off the driveway crying.” He turned around and walked away ignoring anything that Nathan might have to say.



Nathan walked back up the driveway and into the house. He grabbed his phone and called Brooke’s number but there was no answer. He sighed rolling his eyes and went upstairs to his room. When he walked in he saw the window was cracked. He looked around the room and saw a diet coke on the table. He knew it wasn’t his because he didn’t drink diet. Only Brooke and Deb did. He looked and saw his sheets were rumpled too. Then he saw the bra on the bed. He picked it up and saw it wasn’t Brooke’s. He tossed it down angrily and sat on the bed putting his hands on his head.



Brooke walked into Peyton’s house without knocking and walked up the stairs directly into Peyton’s room. She sat on the bed and leaned back onto the headboard, drawing her knee’s up to her chest and setting her chin on her knee’s. Peyton came out of the bathroom in a towel. She went into her drawer and pulled out lace underwear looking around.


“Hey Brooke have you seen my black lace bra?” she asked not looking at the brunette. She was too busy looking around the room.


“No” she said quietly. She covered her face for a minute and Peyton went into the bathroom.


“That’s so weird it disappeared.” Peyton called through the bathroom door. Brooke rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe Peyton was more worried about a bra then Brooke’s issues. She got off the bed and went into Peyton’s drawer to see if she had just overlooked it. She looked through the bras and pulled out one, looking at the size. She dropped the bra quickly. It was the same size as the one in Nathan’s bed. She was missing her black lace bra like the one she had seen at Nathan’s. Her heart shattered all over again as she pieced together the puzzle. She turned quickly, dropping the bra on the floor and left the room as fast as she possibly could.


From: iva23
2008-12-14 03:11 am (UTC)
Love this chapter!
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From: crazygurl093
2009-06-21 07:11 am (UTC)
Amazing chappie :)

Loved the Brathan :D
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