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Wishful Thinking

Brooke and Nathan -- what we wish for.

Brooke Davis and Nathan Scott: Wishful Thinking
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Brooke Davis and Nathan Scott :: Wishful Thinking

Tired of Naley (Nathan and Haley), or even Brucas (Brooke and Lucas)? Well, you've come to the right place if you'd rather see Brooke Davis and Nathan Scott (two characters from the WB's One Tree Hill) end up together. There are just a few simple rules, so if you could take a look at them and follow them, it would be much appreciated!

Community Rules:
1. Be respectful to both other community members, and the community staff.
2. Don't post pointless entries to the community.
3. Give credit where credit is due.
4. Remain active.
5. Don't join if you aren't a Brooke/Nathan fan.